Debate Tournament for Juniors

Juniros (2nd grade) 7 classes were divided to 8~9 groups and had a debate tournament.  The topic was “Automobiles should be all auto drive cars.”  Within limited time, all the students spend time to research in the library and had discussion within their group.  At the tournament, all of the students cooperated and performed at their best.

Santa Clara Student stayed with our school.

Freshman Kaylegh Watanabe visited 2 days in Izumo High School from our sister city Santa Clara, USA last week.  She wore school uniforms and took classes with our students.  Some teachers taught class in both English and Japanese.  Her father, Mr. Watanabe and Izumo International Exchange Association chairman and post chairman visited our school on 16th morning.  Our school principle welcomes them and they walked around the school and had discussion in school principle’s room afterward.  Mr. Watanabe was surprised and also happy to see the books in the library since there are less books exists in American Library these days.  Mr. Watanabe also shared Silicon valley and Santa Clara’s

Science and Math course Second grade (Juniors) Long Distance Class with Hawai Observatory

Tuesday June 7th, we held a long distance class with National Observatory in Hawaii using Skype for Juniors who are in Science and Math Course.    Ms. Kakazu Yuko, who is an Astronomer and Hawaii Observatory Public Relation Outreach Specialist gave us a talk on various subject:  Hawaii Island Mauna Kea Moutain top condition, latest technology&research result of New Telescope Subaru at observatory and about her past to present with slide and motion picture.     The students had strong impresson in their mind with the mighty action of Ms. Kakazu’s.   When Ms. Kakazu was 13, she applied NASA Space Camp from a magazin Newton and jumped into a world without not able to speak English at all.  

SS Power Up Senimar

Monday May 30th, Power Up seminar was held for our Junior students, 39 members of Science and Math course and 148 members of Regular and Sicence course students.   A Proffessor from Medical School in Shimane Univerisity, Dr. Ken Urano came and gave speach on “how to research” because the students soon begin their program on group research.  His explanation of logical thinking, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism were very clear.    Science&Math courser students begin their research from June, the Regular and Science courser students begin their research from July.  We are expecting our students to apply what they have learned from Dr. Urano and deepen their scientific literacy through research program.    

Skype Session with Oversea High School Students

Wed. May 25, 16 students who has been to states last year Skyped with Santa Clara (USA) Wilcox High School students.   Our students went to the states to give presentation on their group research and had field work with US government and companiese.  The skype sessions were held 2 times a month since last September and it was concluding session.   The students expressed what they have learned, achieved etc.  In addition, ten of  student teachers also joined the skype as well.  The students build nice friendship over the the study trip so the students were relaxed and exchanged opinions.  We think the individual students will continue their friendships but it was last day

Preparation for English Presentation Begin!

Tuesday May 24th, we invited 2 Coordinator for International Relations  from Izumo City.  Our seninor students begin to prepare English Presentation with them.  Our Seniors will give presentation and hold disucussion time in “Global Session”, which will be held in July 25, 26 at Shimane University.  62 members of Seninors (12 groups) researched on Internationalizm&Culture last year. Students resarched on various interesting topics and  some of the group researched on “What should Japanese people do to become better English Speaker?”, “Why Japanese gardens are build in oversea countries? ” etc.  We are looking forward for students to shape their presentation to explain to oversea people.  This day was second day for the project and students made a plan

English Lunch begin for future International Exchange

English Lunch begin with new Oversea Advisor Ms. Ai Yoshino, to discuss life in oversea etc in English.  First English Lunch was held on Thursday May 19th.  10 students, 2 student teachers who are interested in International Exchange attended and started with self-introdcution.  Each students brought their lunch and listend to Ms. Yoshinos talk about her past oversea life experiences.  English Lunch will be held weekly.  We are hoping more students becomes interested in forign countries and communication in English.