Baseball Team is going to National High School League Torunament!

On Sun July 24th, final game for Prefectureal baseball torunament was held in Matue Ground. Izumo High School won the final game against Risshodai Shonan High School. On the 3rd base side of the stadium were full with Izumo HS cheer leaders, brass band club, alumini and local people were cheering for 1st chance to participate in National High School Baseball league in the school history. Top of first inning, player Morimoto’s hit and Kato’s squeez play resulted in first score. In every inning players reached the base so we gave opponent 3 pitchers a hard time. In the last bottom inning, 2 out and we all were thinking of

2nd grade SS Research A, Lecutures

Friday July 8th, we invited 7 proffessors from Shimane University.  Each professor gave us lectures on how to resarch etc in half part of session and then the professors gave advice on the studnets topic.  Students were inspired and very intereted in the professors passionate lectures.  We think that our students saw direction of their research activities.  Professors *Math and Science Information Dept.  Engineering  Ms. Mayuko Iwamoto *Nature Science Dept. Education  Mr. Shuji Otani Dept. Education   Ms. Katsura Nishiyama Dept. Education   Mr. Takashi Harada *Medicine Health and Life science Dept. Medicine  Mr. Ryuju Hashimoto Dept. Medicine Mr. Yuta Kobayashi Thank you all so much for the professors for making time with our

English Guide Volunteer at Izumo Grand Shrine

On Sun. July 10th, our 1st and 2nd grad18 volunteer students guided Shimane University Summer School Oversea students.  The 11 students were from the US, China and Bangladesh and our students challenged to explain history of Izumo Grand Shrine, the manner of how to pray in the shrine with English and body language.  Our students experienced the difficulty of using English to communicate and the satisfaction when the commnication was done successfully.  Some students from Shimane Sunniversity were interested in Shrine and Shintoism so their questions were quite in detail but our students asked for help to others or studied the information from hand out and tried their best. After