Super Science Power Up Seminar

Tuesday Jan. 31, we held seminar for Sophomore Science and Math Students during Math, Science and Biology hour. Students listen to to the lecture and participated on lab experiment.  They had a great opportunity to listen to professional research and see application of knowledge  and development. We hope our students to 1.  Deepening understanding of what they have learned 2.  Increase their drive to study This time, we invited  Professor Yasuomi Ibaraki from Faculty of Agricuture, Department of Biological and Environmental Science in  Yamaguchi University and his students to our school.  The students experimented on “Visualization of chlorophyl”,  they were excited to measure the invisible photosynthesis. In addition, they asked many questions to Professor Ibaraki. The

Singapore Study Trip Day 3

In Thursday Jan 26th, our students made a visit to Sinapore National University and Nangyang Technological University to make a presentation and visited their lab. At their presentation, professor asked ingoing question and students were a bit puzzled but they handled it with calm manner. We feel that the experience “give presentation in best and second best University in Asia” gave students such a confidend and to see the facility and few in the world class university has broad their vision. Friday Jan 27th is the last day for our study trip. Its a mid of Chinese New Year in Singapore but we will go study the nature and culture

Santa Clara Study Trip Day 4

 Wed. Jan. 25th, crystal clear day we visited one of the world  best university, Stanford Univeristy.  Alumini of Stanford Univeristy took us around the school tour.  We walked through harmonious historical building and went on top of Hoover Tower.  This tower was named after the 31st President of America Herbert Clark Hoover, who was an alumi of Stanford Univeristy.  From observation deck, we can see the beautiful paronamic view of the campus and amzed by such a wonderful environment for the students.   In the afternnon, we went to NASA Research Center and saw space related exhibition.  Last but not least, we visited to Santa Clara City Hall to see the

Singapore Study Trip Day2

Wednesday Jan. 25th, in the morning, we visited FUSION WORLD where latest technology can ben experienced and then meet with Japanese researcher. Dr. Kayo Sakamoto gave us a presentation on her research. Her presentation inspired girls interested in Math and Science. All the students asked many questions and thought about the world latest research. In the afternoon, our visit was to Swiss Cottage Secondary School. We had some interaction with Singapore Students and exchanged opinion. It was just before Chinese New Year but they welcomed us warmly. We did not have enough time and the good time flew by so fast. Our students felt how is it to be successful

Santa Clara Study Trip 2017 day 3

Tuesday January 24  It was cold but sunny today.  This morning students each host father or mother drove our students at Wilcox High School at 8:40 and then we took a chartered bus to Google.  On the way we got into a traffic jam, so we arrived at 9:20, a little behind schedule.  Two Indian employees guided us on a Google campus.  We could see many Indians working there.  We had a chance to ask some questions to these two guides.  We asked what was necessary to be creative.  Then, one of the guides answered to us that to think out of the box is important.  We realized that that

Santa Clara Oversea Study Trip day 2

On Sun. Jan 22nd, students spent whole day with host family and seemed had a wonderful day.  Some families took a short drive to San Fransisco.    Mon. Jan 23rd, we visited Adrian Wilcox High School and each students had a student to shadow.  And all of the students gave presentation.  Our students put so much effort to prepare the presentation for it this past 2 to 3 months.  Even the minutes before presentation, the students were revising their information.  After giving presentation, Wicox High School students asked questions and comment and students were answering with confident.  Overall SGH program has been a challenge but it became a great chance to improve

Singapore Study Trip 2017 Day 1

On Tuesday Jan 24th 6:10am, 39 Junior students (Math and Science course) departed to Izumo Airpport.  Again, due to bad weather from previous day, we were so worried about the flight but departed delaied 90 min.!  At Haneda Airport, our flight was delayed due to waiting for our students  but safely arrived to Changi Airport on 11:40am to Singapore. Our arrival to Singapore was delay 1 hour but fortunately our schedule were not affected.  Our traveling from Snow place to equator and we hope to have great experience here in Singapore. On 25th, we are going to visit research facility and secondary school and we take a big step to become

Santa Clara Study Trip 2017

A day before our departure to Santa Clara, the flights were cancelled due to the bad weather….  We were so worried about our flight to Naria.  17 students and staff gathered at Izumo High School 2 hours earlier than our plan, 6am.  We arrived in Yonago Airport so early but we were able to depart on time.  And our finaly desitation was San Jose airport and everything went well.  Between our arrival and welcome party hosted by Santa Clara Sister City Association, we visited Intel Museum and larned about CPU development.  In the afternoon at 12:30, we arrived to Santa Clara Senior center and Wilcox HS students, Host Family welcomes us.