SSH&SGH Research Final Presentation at Izumo Civic Hall

Thursday Feb. 9th, Sophomore and Junior Students gave final presentation of their research though out the year. The students prepared slides and poster and presented. And we had a guest speaker, Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa from NHK main commentator and Oversea Study Groups also had reporting session. The students put their maximum effort for this day and each group’s presentations were well done. It was a great opportunity to deliver their researches to people and their classmate. Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa’s Lecture Presentation by Juniors Math&Science course Junior class Presentation Oversea Study Trip Report Sophomore&Juniors Presentation                       The main event and review result

Science Course Juniors give Final Presentation

    Wed. Feb. 1st, Junior students gave presentation on their assigned research since June. This day, professors from Shimane University, advisors and students suporters came to listened to the presentation.  The topics were Math Science Information, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine …etc, total in 28 groups worked on their topics related to their lives and prepared presentation.  After the presentation, there were nice feedbacks like “resarches are based on their experiment which accomplised positive analysis.”  In addition, there were some advice that we can work next year and we hope keep on improving ourselves and the programs. Below list is the topics. 【Math, science and information group】 Math2A 「Is it possible to invent

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