Global Session in Shimane Univeristy (Day 1)

Our global session were held on Thursday July 27th in Shimane University.  This program begin last year. Our school is designated as Super Global School (SGH) from Ministry of Education. The students are in the research program and this global session is for last year of High School Students participated.  During 2nd Year of High School, they begin their research and as a closing of research, students prepare presentation in English and at Shimane University.  So the entire program is to deepening the study of research. On first day, we invited Ms. Kazumi Iwata from JICA and Mr. Junji Nakamura from Tsuwano Education Coordinator and held a work shop to think

Global Session in Shimane Univeristy (Day 2)

On Friday July 28th, Global Session in Shimane Univerisity for 2 days.  Today was the day to give presentation in English where students have been prepareing for a semester (2 hours every other week) on “Super Global Research”. Native English Professors and exchange students from Shimane Univeristy took time to listen to our students speech. Each group had 8 minutes of presentation and the audience (Professors and exchange students) asked many questions and it was the time for discussion. Every group had many practice and prepared and the best performance was achieved as a result.  Some English Questions were challenging to respond because the students were not able to express

High School Jica Program (Organized by JICA Chugoku)

Our 2 students participated in High School Student JICA Program on Sat and Sun Jun 29&30 in HIgashi Hiroshima. There were 45 students participants  from Chugoku Regional High school.  On 1st day, there were former JICA staff talk and work shops were held to understand different culture.  At night time, they spend time with researchers from all over the world in Hiroshima International Plaza where we spent night in. On 2nd day, students were divided into groups and simulated where students were JICA member just got back from oversea project to Japan and how to develop and help oversea people living in Japanesen town. Our students said “I want to have deeper knowledge of different

Volunteer Tour Guide at Izumo Oyashiro

Monday July 17th, 14 volunteers from 1st and 2nd graders gatherd in Izumo Oyashiro to guide exchange students in Shimane Univeristy. The exchange students are here in Japan for Summer Program and there are 7 from the USA and China.  The students explained history of Izumo Oyashiro and how to pray in teh sthrine etc in English and their gestures.  The students experienced the challenges and joy of communications in Elighs.  After the walking around the Izumo Oyashir, they all had lunch in Kanko Center, Izumo had great time chatting. The half day went by really quickly and when it was about to go home they took photos and exchanged