Global Session 2018

On July 26th and 27th, a two day event called Global Session was held at Shimane University. Izumo High School is a designated Super Global High School (SGH). Since entering the school, students have conducted research projects about social and cultural topics. During the Global Session event, students gave presentations about their research in English. This would be the final activity for their projects.   On the first day, Ms. Iwata from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mr. Nakamura from Tsuwano Education Coordinator in Shimane Prefecture were invited to this event to present workshops. Their workshops centered on the theme “Think about the world and Shimane through Sustainable

Super Science Powerup Seminar

Tue. Jan 31, our math and science sophomore students took Super Science Power up Seminar during Math, Sceience and biology class. We have invited Professor XXXXXX from Yamaguchi University Agriculture Dept. Organism Material and Environment Course and his students.  After studying in our school and listening to the specialist lecure which are contractive and its application and deepen the understanding and increase their drive to research.  この講座は授業で学習した内容に関し、専門家による発展的・応用的な講義を受けることにより、深い理解と研究に関する意欲の醸成を図ることを目的として実施しました。 今回は、山口大学農学部生物資源環境科学科 荊木 康臣 教授と大学生さんを講師にお迎えし、「光合成」に関する内容の、『クロロフィル蛍光の可視化』について実習を行いました。生徒達は蛍光を利用した光合成速度の測定など、目には見えない「光合成」の可視化に、非常に興味深そうに体験し積極的に質問する姿も多く見られました。 興味深く実験に加わる生徒 実験の概要を説明される荊木教授