Wed. Aug. 17th 2nd Semester for Heisei 28th School Ceremony (Assembly) was held.

School Principles Speach

IMG_4553『High Tower。And Preperation and continuity』

「Everyday the chance is delivered to your hands。」
Your opportunity to grow is just in front of you and you need to grab it to become yours.  I hope you have challenging summer and be healty.  This was my message to you at the end of 1st semesster.
As a reslut, Boy Archery achieved 6th place in national competition, basebal team went to Koshien and other performance we saw and they were many of you.  I know there are many people who took a chance to challenge yourself in the place where I don’t know.  I hope you continue to keep on moving forward and continue to take opporunity and challenge yourself.
This summer, we have Olympics and there are very hot matches.  For the Olympics everyone takes 4 years to see their achievement and people who trieds with their full effort they move us.  We are emotionally moved by human’s will power and we see the possiblitiy in us.  After the Olympics, there are Paralynpics starts in Sept. 9th.  Wheel Chair Tennis Player who is graduate of our schook, Takuya Miki has visited us.  When Mr. Miki was a senior during the fall season, suddenly he was diagnosed with bone cancer on his left leg and but he keeps on challenging to become Wheel Chair Tennis. And his dream came true!

Our new paper clum had interviewed him and its posted on the HP and I am going to read few lines to you.
“When you decide the level that you can, you cannot move forward.  Difficult envirnment can make people grow. ”
“When you select more challenge choice and work on it, it changes life 10 years after.”
“When you come over stress or difficulty, we can see the different view from others.”
In first semesters beginning ceremony, I have introduced words to you (Juniors and Seniors) from Mr. Junichiro Kawaguchi, “Unless you build high tower, you cannot see new horizon.”  I think its important to set your goal of your true desire which is attractive enough, and challenge yourself.  Mr. Miki has told us from his own experience.  Just like Baseball Team’s goal was to sing School Song at Koshien and this high goal brought and improved their team power.  Maybe its the same.
In Aug. 7th, Ichiro hit a record of 3000 hits in Major leagu and it was a good news.  He moved to the States and for 16 years until he was 42 (this year) he challenged and put full effort to achieve his goal.  I have read that Ichiro’s secred is “Preparation and Continuing power” level is high.
After setting a goal, his maximum prepare that he thinks of and continue as routine.  Big Key to challeng to sucess is that preparation and to continuation.  Ichiro is teaching us that.  Expression of try something is so abstract but the expression “make the necessary preparations” becomes objective.  For your futuer goal of life, next tests, for next competition, what is necessary prepartions?  , how much can you prepare, can you continue?   Nothing special but “Prepare and cotniue”, please be serious about it.
We have Kyucho Festival comign soon.  Last year, Noriko Arai from AI Resercher came and gave us lecture.  When she was in high school student, she was very busy with organizing Bunkasai (Event for art and music).  She did not know her occupancy but thought she wanted to get a job like Bunkasai.  In her project, she works together with many people and it just like Bunkasai.
What you are doing now is definately will be SOMETHING in the future.
When I met Mr. Miki his impression was his smiles were beautiful!  His action is great but he is enjoying and smiling, which is the same thing with our baseball team.  Very important element for challenger.
I hope that this Summer will be the Best summer memory and we hope you are smiling to challenge and prepare for Kyuchosai and begin our second semester.


IMG_4555We sang our school song with Brass Band and our 2nd semester started.

2nd Semester begin!