Tuesday January 24

 It was cold but sunny today.  This morning students each host father or mother drove our students at Wilcox High School at 8:40 and then we took a chartered bus to Google.  On the way we got into a traffic jam, so we arrived at 9:20, a little behind schedule.  Two Indian employees guided us on a Google campus.  We could see many Indians working there.  We had a chance to ask some questions to these two guides.  We asked what was necessary to be creative.  Then, one of the guides answered to us that to think out of the box is important.  We realized that that is the reason why Google can crank out revolutionary tools.  In the afternoon, we went to Mission College, a state-run college mainly for preparing for entering universities.  First, we had a lunch with about 15 Mission College students, who were all non-Americans.  While having lunch, we introduced ourselves to each other and had a fun chat.  After that, we took a lecture of Global Citizenship with the same students.  The goal of this lecture is to think about what is necessary to become a global citizen.  They made a several groups and talked about this topic.  Our students thought well about this difficult problem and stated their opinions in clear English.  Next, two Izumo High School groups made their presentations.  After the presentations, some students raised some questions, but these two groups fielded them.  Teachers there gave high credit to their presentations, which I am sure gave them a lot confidence.  Finally, Ms. Katoku, who is a director of Mission College, talked about various topics including how she ended up working in the U.S. She talked frankly and passionately, so after her talk, many students asked questions to her. Many students seemed to be inspired by her encouraging talk.  All the sessions at Mission College ended at about 4:30,and host father or mother came to Mission College to pick up our students.  Students learned a lot through today’s program.  I hope that tomorrow will be another stimulating day for them.

Santa Clara Study Trip 2017 day 3