Introduction and greetings from 1st grade (Sophomore) lead teacher (Heisei 29)

Tues. April 11, after ceremony to welcome new students, we introduced new students to juniors and seniors. The lead teacher gave a speech to the rest of the school.   All of the teachers from 1-1 to 1-8 introduced themselves and lead teacher gave a speech.         President of Student government greeted to welcome new students and new students replied to the speech. In Izumo high school, we divide students into 8 classes each grade. Unlike other school system, students stays in the classrooms (unless its music, physical education, etc.) teachers comes to their class to teach a lesson. Each periods are 50 min and 10 min

Greetings from School Principle Mr. Iitsuka

Thank you for visiting Izumo High school homepage.  I am the principle of this shool, Mr. Masaru Iitsuka.  It has been seceond year for me in Izumo High school.  First of all, thank you for so many poeple in alumni organizaion “Kyuchoen” for supporting us for our first participation of 98th National High School baseball tournament since our baseball team establishement in 1946.  Our baseball team have played their usual perfomance in a such a big match.  In addition, first base stand were all Izumo High school supporters.  It’s such a thrilling unforgettable moment for me in the baseball stadium.  We have upgraded classroom equipment with generous contribution and donation we received.  We sould like

Received letter of Appreciation from JR

On Wed. March 22, Principle’s room. Director of JR West Yonago sent letter of appreciation to one of our teacher, Satoru Ueda for saving life. Teacher Satoru Ueda saved a person’s life on Feb. 4th at Izumoshi Station with his CPR. JR West has thanked him for performing CPR when people in need on that time and saved life.   感謝状贈呈(左:植田悟教諭) 左から 石飛教頭 飯塚校長 植田教諭 JRの皆さま  

Students participate in 6th Science Koshien (Competition)

第6回 科学の甲子園全国大会に出場しました On March 17 t- 20th, our students participated in Science national competition as Shimane Pref. representative. It has been long for 4th year and finally made it to science national league since we have been selected as Super Science High School. This means our students has won math, science has been top level all over Shimane Pref. 8 students from Juniors in Math and Science course competed and did not win in the top award but we feel that their challenges through national league has been fantastic learning experience. On last day, we visited JAXA and observed national space station control room. Shimane Rep 8 students Opening Ceremony Jaxa