String Club member will perform in High School Orchestra♫

    Shimane Snypho Net High School Orchestra performance #17 Our 20 students sophomore and juniors from String Club will perform.  5 other high school from Shimane Pref. and Matsue Handicapped student will be performing.   Date:  Sun. March 19th  Place:  Matsue City Sogo  Bunka Center Praba Hall  Door Open:  13:30 Performance:  14:00 Entrance Fee:  Free Looking forward to see you at concert hall.  

Graduation Ceremony for Year 2017 (Heisei 28)

On Friday March 3rd, we held graduation ceremony. We had many guests to cerebrate our students’ graduation.   Diploma given to Math Science Course Student Representative Diploma given to Regular Course Student Representative School Principle gives congratulatory speech Guest Speaker Gives speech (PTA Chairman) Speech to Graduates from Junior Representative Reply Thank you Speech by Representative of Graduate

Award Ceremony

Tursday March 2nd, we held ceremony for perfect attendance and etc. at Gym 2. One year perfect attendance reward representative. 3 years perfect attendance reward rep. National awards etc. Nationa, Chugoku&Shikoku awarded for Japan Student Baseball League, National High School Home Economics Club, Japan Chemistry Association Shikoku Regional Award     Prefecture Award Representatives Awards received for 5 students Pref. Athletic Union Excellence, Pref. Athletic Performance, 18 students for Pref. Baseball Union and 3 students Pref. Brass band Union  

Koshien Monument Ceremony

Sat. March 4th at 1pm, at front entrace of Izumo High School We held #98th National High School Baseball League Participation Monument opening ceremony and opened newly finished baseball field.   Izumo High School baseball team Sponsor Association Chairman. 出Izumo HS Baseball team 雲高校野球部後援会会長・出雲高校野球部甲子園出場記念事業実行委員長 お礼の言葉 (PDF)   School Principle Greeting Principle Thanks note (PDF)   Successive Basball Sponsor Chairman Greeting 記念事業実行委員副委員長(野球部OB会副会長)より記念事業の詳細説明 Opening ceremony People who has attended our ceremony. Flowers to Baseball Team Head coach (Ueda) and Club Manager (Fujii) Graduates send winning gift Gift Photo with monument #98th National High School Baseball Team Monument for participation All refurbished baseball field and team member First establshed in Shimane Pref. Pitching Machine introduced!  

Kyuchokai (Alumni Association) Welcome Ceremony

Thursday March 2nd, Alumni welcome Ceremony was held in Gym 2. Alumni Reward students representative. Alumini Association rewards were given to participants of National Competition or Regional Competition. We had 130 graduate students 68th (Japanese alumni are counted from year of school established) were rewarded this year.   Greetings from Kyucho Chairman. Speech from Principle Kyucho Association speach from new alumni Kyucho Assocaiton Gifts Kyucho Associaton 68th 4 graduates organizers

SSH&SGH Research Final Presentation at Izumo Civic Hall

Thursday Feb. 9th, Sophomore and Junior Students gave final presentation of their research though out the year. The students prepared slides and poster and presented. And we had a guest speaker, Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa from NHK main commentator and Oversea Study Groups also had reporting session. The students put their maximum effort for this day and each group’s presentations were well done. It was a great opportunity to deliver their researches to people and their classmate. Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa’s Lecture Presentation by Juniors Math&Science course Junior class Presentation Oversea Study Trip Report Sophomore&Juniors Presentation                       The main event and review result

Science Course Juniors give Final Presentation

    Wed. Feb. 1st, Junior students gave presentation on their assigned research since June. This day, professors from Shimane University, advisors and students suporters came to listened to the presentation.  The topics were Math Science Information, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine …etc, total in 28 groups worked on their topics related to their lives and prepared presentation.  After the presentation, there were nice feedbacks like “resarches are based on their experiment which accomplised positive analysis.”  In addition, there were some advice that we can work next year and we hope keep on improving ourselves and the programs. Below list is the topics. 【Math, science and information group】 Math2A 「Is it possible to invent

Super Science Power Up Seminar

Tuesday Jan. 31, we held seminar for Sophomore Science and Math Students during Math, Science and Biology hour. Students listen to to the lecture and participated on lab experiment.  They had a great opportunity to listen to professional research and see application of knowledge  and development. We hope our students to 1.  Deepening understanding of what they have learned 2.  Increase their drive to study This time, we invited  Professor Yasuomi Ibaraki from Faculty of Agricuture, Department of Biological and Environmental Science in  Yamaguchi University and his students to our school.  The students experimented on “Visualization of chlorophyl”,  they were excited to measure the invisible photosynthesis. In addition, they asked many questions to Professor Ibaraki. The

Singapore Study Trip Day 3

In Thursday Jan 26th, our students made a visit to Sinapore National University and Nangyang Technological University to make a presentation and visited their lab. At their presentation, professor asked ingoing question and students were a bit puzzled but they handled it with calm manner. We feel that the experience “give presentation in best and second best University in Asia” gave students such a confidend and to see the facility and few in the world class university has broad their vision. Friday Jan 27th is the last day for our study trip. Its a mid of Chinese New Year in Singapore but we will go study the nature and culture