2nd Semester begin!

Wed. Aug. 17th 2nd Semester for Heisei 28th School Ceremony (Assembly) was held. School Principles Speach 『High Tower。And Preperation and continuity』 「Everyday the chance is delivered to your hands。」 Your opportunity to grow is just in front of you and you need to grab it to become yours.  I hope you have challenging summer and be healty.  This was my message to you at the end of 1st semesster. As a reslut, Boy Archery achieved 6th place in national competition, basebal team went to Koshien and other performance we saw and they were many of you.  I know there are many people who took a chance to challenge yourself in

Pref. and National Competition Report

Wed. Aug. 17th at Gym 2 Each Club’s Captain or leader has reported on their participated competition. 各部長・キャプテンから大会報告 Brass Band Club is participating Chugoku Tournament. Choir Club received 2nd place and it was mortifying result but change the mind and practice more with left over time for next competition. Track and Field, Archery and Karate Club they all were able to perform well because of all of the cheering and support from everyone. Strings, Igo, Shogi (Japanese Chess), New Paper, Art, Photograpy, Poetry and writing clubs reported “They want to achieve better result”, “Their experience was precious and national level was high and felt incentives from high level. 校長挨拶  

National High School Baseball Team League Report

Wed. Aug. 17th, Baseball team reported on National High School Baseball Team League at Gym 2. Baseball Team Campten Report Baseball Team Camptain stated the game Izumo 1-Chiben Gakuen 6. He thanked Seniors in Brass Band Player for their great music, cheer leading team for supporting the baseball player at the stadium. It was a joy because baseball player and the people at the stadium became one. The seniors hoped sophmore and juniors to sing school song at Koshien. *In Japan, National High School Baseball League is held in Koshien stadium and when the team win the game, they sing their school song.   School Principle Speach School Principle stated

SGH Study Trip to Santa Clara

                    Sixteen students of Comprehensive Course visited Santa Clara from 23rd to 29th of January 2016 as a SGH Study Trip. Santa Clara Sister Cities Association (SCSCA) kindly helped to arrange the homestay families and ten families including Wilcox students’ families hosted our students during their entire stay. Saturday Jan. 23rd: After arrived at San Jose International Airport, they visited Japanese American Museum to learn the history of Japanese immigrants. SCSCA kindly arranged a welcome party for Izumo students and their host families. The students enjoyed their Sunday with each host family. Monday Jan. 25th; They visited Wilcox High School and

Campus Workshop at Shimane University

The 1st grade Math & Science Class went to Matsue campus of Shimane University on December 5th to join the following classes at Science & Engineering Department. 1) Into the world of metal complex (chemistry) by Assis. Prof. Yusuke Kataoka 2) How to make soft ware (informatics) by Assoc. Prof. Tetsuya Hirotomi 3) Basic and applied research on superconductivity (physics) by Prof. Kenji Fujiwara   They have learnt about the professors’ research field as well as its application to our daily life. The scientists also told them how they enjoy their researches. This was the 2nd study visit for them and was a good experience to think about their futu

SSH Study Trip to Singapore for the 2nd graders at Science & Math Course

 Thirty-nine students of Science & Math Course visited Singapore as one of the SSH’s projects from 26th to 30th of January 2016. *At Institute for Infocomm Research, the students received a lecture by a Japanese scientist         *They had interacted with the students at Swiss Cottage Secondary School and discussed on the presentations with each other.         * At Nan Yang Technological University         * At National University of Singapore         * At Singapore Botanical Garden         They could discuss on the advices and/or the questions given by the specialists with their own words.They learned

Ambassador of Slovak Republic came to Izumo High School

Ambassador of Slovak Republic came to Izumo High School

The 4th SG Power-up seminar was held on November 10th inviting His Excellency Mr. Michal Kottman, Ambassador of Slovak Republic.  In the lecture entitled “Japan and the world from European Union”, he introduced his country and the history of EU with its various activities in international society.  He also referred to his professional role as a diplomat which drew much attention of the audience. The speech was all in English with Japanese translation and the students could learn the current condition of the world. Twenty-five students had a chance to have a round table with Mr. Kottman after the lecture. That was a precious experience for the students to learn

Christmas Chakai by Tea Ceremony Club

Christmas Chakai by Tea Ceremony Club

Tea Ceremony Club held a Christmas Chakai (Tea Ceremony) inviting the principal and Casha, an Assistant Language Teacher at our school. The ceremony was carried all in English. The tea room was beautifully arranged with Christmas decorations and the students prepared an enjoyable surprise for the two guests; on the wall of Toko-no-ma (a kind of alcove), Jiku with letters of Holy Night written by the priest at Daitokuji temple in Kyoto, Kougou (box for incense) with a cross on the lid.