On Sun July 24th, final game for Prefectureal baseball torunament was held in Matue Ground.
Izumo High School won the final game against Risshodai Shonan High School.

On the 3rd base side of the stadium were full with Izumo HS cheer leaders, brass band club, alumini and local people were cheering for 1st chance to participate in National High School Baseball league in the school history.

Top of first inning, player Morimoto’s hit and Kato’s squeez play resulted in first score. In every inning players reached the base so we gave opponent 3 pitchers a hard time.

In the last bottom inning, 2 out and we all were thinking of one more out and there was a strong hit almost a home run…. but 3rd base Morimoto cauth the ball and gotta tickets to go to National Baseball League tournament for the first time in school history.

対淞南001 対淞南004 対淞南014 対淞南015 対淞南023 対淞南024 対淞南028 対淞南031 対淞南040 対淞南042 対淞南043 対淞南044 対淞南047 対淞南048 対淞南049 対淞南050 対淞南051 対淞南052 対淞南053

Thank you all so much for support, cheering and believe in our Izumo Hight School Victory for the prefecture tornament.

Finaly we go to Koshien. (Its a stadiun in Hyogo where National Baseball League for High School Students)

We know that our belief no matter what challenges we face, unflagging effort to move forward and win and sing the school song (when we win the batch, we sing the school song).

We thank you in advance for continued support!!



Baseball Team is going to National High School League Torunament!