Virtual Global Session 2020

On Friday, July 31st, our 3rd-year students in the liberal arts program gave presentations to the audience at Shimane University.  In the past several years, they usually visited Shimane University campus in Matsue, but this year, they held a Zoom online conference for the first time due to the current situation caused by coronavirus. “The global session at Shimane University” is aimed at the following two things: 1. review the research the students conducted last year 2. develop the skills necessary to be global leaders in the next generation through presenting their ideas and exchanging opinions in English Though the students only had a short time to prepare for their

2020 Entrance Ceremony

The day of the entrance ceremony turned out to be a chilly spring day.  The 320 new students were excited to be taking part in a ceremony that would signal the beginning of their new academic career as the 74th intake of Izumo Senior High School.  A representative from the newest generation of our school community made a pledge to the principal.    Principal Matama encouraged the freshmen, saying, “I hope you have an exciting school career.  Learn to stand on your own two feet through your contact with others.”  Unfortunately, the current students were not allowed at the ceremony, so printed handouts of a warm welcome message from the student

Izumo High School Student wins top award in National Science Festival

The National Science Festival was held in Saga on July 27th – 29th. 40 representatives from each prefecture  made presentations at the festival. Izumo High School student Kataoka Masahito attended on behalf of Shimane prefecture. His study about resident bacteria of woodlouse feces found that those bacteria can prevent mold. His presentation was highly appreciated and he earned the award for best presentation .

Trip to Santa Clara 2019

From January 20th to 26th, 16 students visited Santa Clara. This was their fifth visit. The purpose of this trip is to develop their leadership skills and broaden their horizons.   Day 1 Students stayed with a host family.   Day 2 We visited SONY in San Jose. Mr. Nitta, the vice president, gave us a lecture about the vision of SONY and what students should do for their future.   Day 3 We visited Wilcox High School. The students spent all day with their friends and made a presentation to Wilcox High School students. The themes of their presentation are below. “Let’s Brainwash Ourselves”       “The best assembly of wave-dissipating

Global Session 2018

On July 26th and 27th, a two day event called Global Session was held at Shimane University. Izumo High School is a designated Super Global High School (SGH). Since entering the school, students have conducted research projects about social and cultural topics. During the Global Session event, students gave presentations about their research in English. This would be the final activity for their projects.   On the first day, Ms. Iwata from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mr. Nakamura from Tsuwano Education Coordinator in Shimane Prefecture were invited to this event to present workshops. Their workshops centered on the theme “Think about the world and Shimane through Sustainable

Michigan State University Students visit Izumo High School

Michigan State University Students visit Izumo High School

Students from Michigan State University (USA) and Japanese students and professors from Shimane University were recently invited to Izumo High School in June, 2018. The final year students at Izumo High School gave presentations about social and cultural topics to their visitors entirely in English. After the presentations, Ms. Kagawa of Shimane University gave feedback on their presentations skills. It was a great opportunity for the students of Izumo High School as they could practise their presentations skills and English, as well as receive valuable feedback on their efforts. On the 27th of September this year, the students from Izumo High School will attend the event ‘Global Session’ at Shimane

Greetings from our School Principal

Greetings from our School Principal

My name is Yasuhiro Matama. I am the new principal of Izumo High School. I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce our school to you. Izumo High School was established in 1920, originally as Shimane Prefectural Imaichi Girls High School. Since then, it has continued to grow and become the historic and prestigious school that it is today. Our school is nationally recognized as a Super Science High School (SSH) and Super Global High School (SGH). Participating in these programs for our 6th and 5th years respectively, these programs provide our students with the opportunity to perform scientific research and participate in international exchange. Furthermore, these programs allow

Global Session in Shimane Univeristy (Day 1)

Our global session were held on Thursday July 27th in Shimane University.  This program begin last year. Our school is designated as Super Global School (SGH) from Ministry of Education. The students are in the research program and this global session is for last year of High School Students participated.  During 2nd Year of High School, they begin their research and as a closing of research, students prepare presentation in English and at Shimane University.  So the entire program is to deepening the study of research. On first day, we invited Ms. Kazumi Iwata from JICA and Mr. Junji Nakamura from Tsuwano Education Coordinator and held a work shop to think

Global Session in Shimane Univeristy (Day 2)

On Friday July 28th, Global Session in Shimane Univerisity for 2 days.  Today was the day to give presentation in English where students have been prepareing for a semester (2 hours every other week) on “Super Global Research”. Native English Professors and exchange students from Shimane Univeristy took time to listen to our students speech. Each group had 8 minutes of presentation and the audience (Professors and exchange students) asked many questions and it was the time for discussion. Every group had many practice and prepared and the best performance was achieved as a result.  Some English Questions were challenging to respond because the students were not able to express

High School Jica Program (Organized by JICA Chugoku)

Our 2 students participated in High School Student JICA Program on Sat and Sun Jun 29&30 in HIgashi Hiroshima. There were 45 students participants  from Chugoku Regional High school.  On 1st day, there were former JICA staff talk and work shops were held to understand different culture.  At night time, they spend time with researchers from all over the world in Hiroshima International Plaza where we spent night in. On 2nd day, students were divided into groups and simulated where students were JICA member just got back from oversea project to Japan and how to develop and help oversea people living in Japanesen town. Our students said “I want to have deeper knowledge of different

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