GSC(Global Science Campus)

Four of our students participated in Global Science Campus  Hop Stage in Hiroshima Univerisity on Sun. May 28th. This project has been established to educate future global specialist in science technology and organized by national Reserch and Development. About 240 enthusiastic students on science research listened to two lectures “Science Literacy” and “Reserach Ethics” We hope our participated students to work together with students from all over Japan and move on to next stage and become leader of science technology in near future.   

Santa Clara Exchange Students

Feb. June 13 to 14th, we welcomed 2 exchange students from Snata Clara with Santa Clara Sister City Association, President couple and vice president.  Students who attended the Santa Clara Oversea Trip welcomed the students and greeted each other and went back to the class room. Two students were enjoying the club activity and building friendship after school.   校長室にて   Students who went to Santa Clara Oversea Study in Jan. 2017 and Mr. Chahal, Mrs. Nicolai.    

SSH・SGH Faculty Training (2017)

Monday May 15th, Annual 1st training for SSH&SGH was held. Assistant Proffesor Mr. Yuichi Fujimura from Graduate School in Naruto University of Education Educational Research depeartment gave us the lecture on “How to use ICT equipment effectively”.  Our school implimented projector, screen and other devices in all of our class rooms in April and we are implimenting progressive communication with students to deepen our classroom lessons.  Our trainin was very meaningful to us for our future teaching. There were over 20 educators (from prefecture and other high school faculty members) came to attend our training.  After the training, 6 staff demonstrated how to use the equipment and explained how the class

Participaion on JICA program "What is Fairtrade?"

Sun. April 30th, our 23 stduents have participated in “What is fair trade?” at Sanpi-no Izumo hosted by Jica. Our SGH students has been reseaching on fairtrade and they wanted to contribute to their community.  Jica and our students has been coordinating for this event and finally happened. In the morning, session to make chocolate and in the afternoon some member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers spoke on their experiences in over seas and our student gave presentation. After that, we held fashion show and our students modeled in the show.  During the presentation, students tried their best to send out their message understood and smiled through fashion show. The students

Painting Gift to our Library

Our alumni and who taught art from 1997 to 2011 in Izumo High school, Mr. Masami Kitamoto donated his painting.  The name of the art is called “quatro” in canvas 63 inch square he had his exhibited this work on 81st Toko Exhibition in 2015.  He received a reward for other exhibition in 2016. His art work of 4 young people standing in a corner of Paris is displayed in library where SSH・SGH Activities are held many times.  This painting is blowing a global breeze to our school.

Introduction and greetings from 1st grade (Sophomore) lead teacher (Heisei 29)

Tues. April 11, after ceremony to welcome new students, we introduced new students to juniors and seniors. The lead teacher gave a speech to the rest of the school.   All of the teachers from 1-1 to 1-8 introduced themselves and lead teacher gave a speech.         President of Student government greeted to welcome new students and new students replied to the speech. In Izumo high school, we divide students into 8 classes each grade. Unlike other school system, students stays in the classrooms (unless its music, physical education, etc.) teachers comes to their class to teach a lesson. Each periods are 50 min and 10 min

Greetings from School Principle Mr. Iitsuka

Thank you for visiting Izumo High school homepage.  I am the principle of this shool, Mr. Masaru Iitsuka.  It has been seceond year for me in Izumo High school.  First of all, thank you for so many poeple in alumni organizaion “Kyuchoen” for supporting us for our first participation of 98th National High School baseball tournament since our baseball team establishement in 1946.  Our baseball team have played their usual perfomance in a such a big match.  In addition, first base stand were all Izumo High school supporters.  It’s such a thrilling unforgettable moment for me in the baseball stadium.  We have upgraded classroom equipment with generous contribution and donation we received.  We sould like