For the first time, 4 students from our school participated in Global Leader’s Camp in Fukui between Aug. 1st to 3rd.  The camp sites were Fukui International Building and Fukui Local Community Place AOSSA in Fukui Pref.  It was hosted by SGH&SSH designated Fukui Pref. Koshi High School.
8 Harvard Univeristy students and graduate students  were the mentor and lead this program.  The aim of this program was to understand the Sout East Asian Educational Condition and its problems and to find solution.  The students were divided into 8 groups and they researched on each country and gave presentation on the last day.

Harvard Students held work shops on the topics of their interest and students participated in their own interest.

Throughout 3 days, it was a challenging content because it was done all in English.  In the beginning the students were not able to say what they think in English but little by little, the students started to be confident of themselves and began to speak their opnion!

It became unforgettable memory for the students because they have experienced the joy and difficulty to state their opnion in English and at same time students got to know students from Koshi High School and other students from Fukui Pref.





Global Leaders’ Camp, Fukui, 2016