Thank you for visiting Izumo High school homepage.  I am the principle of this shool, Mr. Masaru Iitsuka.  It has been seceond year for me in Izumo High school.  First of all, thank you for so many poeple in alumni organizaion “Kyuchoen” for supporting us for our first participation of 98th National High School baseball tournament since our baseball team establishement in 1946.  Our baseball team have played their usual perfomance in a such a big match.  In addition, first base stand were all Izumo High school supporters.  It’s such a thrilling unforgettable moment for me in the baseball stadium.  We have upgraded classroom equipment with generous contribution and donation we received.  We sould like to thank all for support and we will improve and drive forward to better education and its environment change with time. 

About our school history
Establised in 1920 as Shimane Pref. Imaichi Girls High School with history and traditions where many students enrolled to great university.  In present day, our priciple is based on last Confucian text “Chuyo” out of four.  Keep on being truthful and if it last for a long time and if its effect then it will influence to far away in distance.  We hope our students work in the spirits to study, club activity, student counsel and other challenges. 

Especially this year, our SSH (Super Science High School) is on our 5th year and 4th year for SGH (Super Global School) where we are selected school from ministry of Education and our program has been giving our students great achievements in many ways.  Not only in students grades but club activities:
1.  1st place in Pref. for Boys group Athletic competition
2.  6th place in National Competition for Archery in Groups.
3.  Brass Band and Chior has awareded in Gold in Chugoku Regional Competition
We are in a big force to achieve high goals!!
And we are hoping based on our policy, we want our students to be “Local and Soceity Leader” so students learn to become independent, work cooperatively and challenge themselves. 
I have introduced my favorite phrase “Now we starts!”  from novel “Suisei Monogatari”  Comet Story written by Teru Miyazaki in entrace ceremony to new, current students and teachers.  In 3 years our school will be cerebrating 100 Years of anniversary in our school so we will need many students, alumini and parents cooreration for the big event. 

Thank you in advance,
April 2017, Shimane Pref. Izumo High School
School Principle Masaru Iitsuka

Greetings from School Principle Mr. Iitsuka