Mon July 31, 12 student has met with Mr. Shigeo Kodama from University of Tokyo and discussed  ending of Center Test (testing system for High School student in Japan for entering to University) in 2020, voting age at 18 (It used to be 20 and it was lowered recently).  What should we do in Izumo.
Mr. Kodama has explained the right of vote consisely and had simulated election  for city mayor.  Students were divided into groups and how to be elected over candidate who will be enforcing Multi culture union and opponent.  The students came up with unique opinion.  In addition, students asked many questions toward Mr. Kodama on Education and center tests and students learned and spend valuable time.

We think our students were motivated from this meeting and the experience.  They will proactively think future and take action for their bright future.



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