Wed. Aug. 17th, Baseball team reported on National High School Baseball Team League at Gym 2.


Baseball Team Campten Report

Baseball Team Camptain stated the game Izumo 1-Chiben Gakuen 6. He thanked Seniors in Brass Band Player for their great music, cheer leading team for supporting the baseball player at the stadium. It was a joy because baseball player and the people at the stadium became one.

The seniors hoped sophmore and juniors to sing school song at Koshien.
*In Japan, National High School Baseball League is held in Koshien stadium and when the team win the game, they sing their school song.



School Principle Speach

School Principle stated that he was so moved by all of the baseball team member’s vigorous play! The baseball stadium was covered with Izumo Ghish School color and he also felt the oneness with everyone so he felt joy and happiness.


National High School Baseball Team League Report