A day before our departure to Santa Clara, the flights were cancelled due to the bad weather….  We were so worried about our flight to Naria.  17 students and staff gathered at Izumo High School 2 hours earlier than our plan, 6am.  We arrived in Yonago Airport so early but we were able to depart on time.  And our finaly desitation was San Jose airport and everything went well.  Between our arrival and welcome party hosted by Santa Clara Sister City Association, we visited Intel Museum and larned about CPU development. 

In the afternoon at 12:30, we arrived to Santa Clara Senior center and Wilcox HS students, Host Family welcomes us.  A little bit nervous studens became relax at once after their very warm welcome. 

And Wilcox HS students performed “Nigehaji” very popular dance from Japanese Drama!  They have been practicing for over 2 weeks for us.  And our students were so happy and we danced together in second time.  Izumo HS students sang “Furusato” and school song on the stage and fun time pass so fast.

On Jan. 22, all the students spend wonderful time with very caring and loving host family.   And for sure, the students are having wonderful time and getting to know different culture.

Santa Clara Study Trip 2017