Wed. Jan. 25th, crystal clear day we visited one of the world  best university, Stanford Univeristy.  Alumini of Stanford Univeristy took us around the school tour.  We walked through harmonious historical building and went on top of Hoover Tower.  This tower was named after the 31st President of America Herbert Clark Hoover, who was an alumi of Stanford Univeristy.  From observation deck, we can see the beautiful paronamic view of the campus and amzed by such a wonderful environment for the students. 

 In the afternnon, we went to NASA Research Center and saw space related exhibition.  Last but not least, we visited to Santa Clara City Hall to see the Santa Clara City Mayor.  The mayor has explained to us how Santa Clara and Izumo City became sister city and our intercommunication within our cities.  With very busy schedule, the Mayor and most of all Santa Clara City Council members gathered and welcomed us and we truly are thankful for their such a warm kindness. 

 It was a last day for our study trip and finally we fly back on Thursday Jan. 26th.   

Santa Clara Study Trip Day 4