Tuesday June 7th, we held a long distance class with National Observatory in Hawaii using Skype for Juniors who are in Science and Math Course. 

  Ms. Kakazu Yuko, who is an Astronomer and Hawaii Observatory Public Relation Outreach Specialist gave us a talk on various subject:  Hawaii Island Mauna Kea Moutain top condition, latest technology&research result of New Telescope Subaru at observatory and about her past to present with slide and motion picture.  
  The students had strong impresson in their mind with the mighty action of Ms. Kakazu’s.   When Ms. Kakazu was 13, she applied NASA Space Camp from a magazin Newton and jumped into a world without not able to speak English at all.  
  Afterall, this class became an opportunity to broad their mind on Astorlogy and Profession as a Researcher.  During the class, both Japanese and Englishe were spoken and it was good inspiration and increased their motivation to give presentation on their research in the future.  CIMG0180 DSC01408

Science and Math course Second grade (Juniors) Long Distance Class with Hawai Observatory