Wed. Feb. 1st, Junior students gave presentation on their assigned research since June.
This day, professors from Shimane University, advisors and students suporters came to listened to the presentation.  The topics were Math Science Information, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine …etc, total in 28 groups worked on their topics related to their lives and prepared presentation.  After the presentation, there were nice feedbacks like “resarches are based on their experiment which accomplised positive analysis.”  In addition, there were some advice that we can work next year and we hope keep on improving ourselves and the programs.

Below list is the topics.

【Math, science and information group】

Math2A 「Is it possible to invent voice change machine?」
Math3A 「To find perfect winning strategy. 」
Math 4A 「Why scrach noise on blackboard is so disturbing?」
Math 5A 「Why Reuleaux Triangle was used in Robot vacume cleaner?」


Science2A 「Does the size of Sile Spker be related strength of its web?」
Science 2B1 「If Japanese water is water of high hardless?」
Sceince2B2 「Application of Plastic Bottle Rocket.  」
Science2C 「What color of light promote the most in growth of plants?  Insecticidial effect without ~」
Science3A 「Can ants  survive by only eating sugar?」
Science 3B 「Is it possible to transplant organ made by biotechnology 3 D printer?」
Science 3C 「How condition is it cut the best in kitchen knife?」
Science4A 「Observatin of hatching egg」
Science 4B1 「Does laughter read to easing stress?」
Science4B2 「Is Camellia Oil good for hair?」
Science4C 「Can good meal make a high quality sleep?  ~How nutrient affect our sleep~」
Science 5A  「Can we become healthier by eating Caspian Sea Yogurt?」
Science 5B 「Why is that Japanese Food does not disappear in Japan?」
Sceince 5C   「How to prevent the carbonization of Unburnable paper?」

【Medical, Health and Science 】

Mecidical 2A 「Is there a way to make medicine that is still effective even if viruses cause mutation?」
Medical 2B 「Reduce allergy and restaint 」
Medical 3A 「The influence of food to Brain.  」
Medical 3B1 「Are there differecnes how to sweat depends on the situation?」
Medical 3B2 「Can we keep healthy when we eat cnady every day?」
Medical 4A 「What are nutrients related to increase memory?」
Medical 4B 「How to build up ou muscle efficiently?」
Medical 5A 「Relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and brain.」
Medical5B1 「Can singing songs help us to relax?」
Mecidal5B2 「What should we do to prevent sleeping in class?」

Science Course Juniors give Final Presentation