Thursday Feb. 9th, Sophomore and Junior Students gave final presentation of their research though out the year. The students prepared slides and poster and presented. And we had a guest speaker, Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa from NHK main commentator and Oversea Study Groups also had reporting session.

The students put their maximum effort for this day and each group’s presentations were well done. It was a great opportunity to deliver their researches to people and their classmate.


Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa’s Lecture


Presentation by Juniors Math&Science course


Junior class Presentation


Oversea Study Trip Report


Sophomore&Juniors Presentation












The main event and review result

【AM Session】

・Guest Speaker: NHK Head commentator Mr. Nobuo Hayakawa 『Message to High School Students who will live in global society 』

・Presentation by Juniors Math and Science Course (3 groups)

【PM Session】

・Presentation by Juniors Regular Course (3 groups)

・Oversea Study Trip Report (Singapore and Santa Clara)

・Research Presentation with Poster (All of Sophomore and Junior)

★Review Result★

【Junior Science and Math】

1st Place: Biochemistry Group 『Conditioned medium of microbe in Izumo kills pancreatic cancer cells』

2nd Place: Medical Science Group  『Let’s clean oral environment by eating yogurt』

3rd Place Material Chemistry Group『Clarification on mechanism of acid deterioration of cement』

【Junior 】

1st Place: Politics 8B Group 『What can we do to make Japan realize a harmonious multicultural society?』

2nd Place: Math 5A Group『 Why is the reuleaux triangle shapes used in robot type vacuum cleaners?』

3rd Place Geography 6D Group 『How to make fair trade products more mainstream?』


Highest Award

・Class 1 7 Group 『Save Japanese Agriculture with IT Technology!』

・Class 2 4 Group 『Let’s implement “Auto drive”with our proud Japanese Automaker. ~Secure and safe society~』

SSH&SGH Research Final Presentation at Izumo Civic Hall