What is SSH? 

Super Science High School (SSH) is a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). MEXT designates and supports high schools that provide advanced science and mathematics education in upper secondary schools in order to nurture the next generation of internationally active science and technology professionals. To this end, designated high schools are those that develop and implement unique curricula, promote problem-based research, and provide experiential and problem-solving learning through observation and experimentation, etc. 


Izumo High School was appointed for the first term (2013-2017), the second term (2018-2022), and has now been appointed for a third term (2023-2028). In addition, the school received the Super Global High School (SGH) designation in 2014-2018 and is currently participating in the SGH Network.

In the third term, we will continue to deepen and develop the achievements of the first and second terms.