A goal to reach

  1. A school which respects the free and independent mind.
  2. To foster students who respect honesty, diligence and public order.
  3. A school of friendship and harmony between teachers, students and friends

Nurture students

who can contribute to their local society as leaders.

  • who have a well-defined aim and make efforts to realize it.
  • who try to broaden their vision with inquiring minds.
  • who have concern for others and appreciate others.

Study Activities

  • Classes are the first priority and students study independently through their own initiative.
  • Realize learning through lessons.
  • Expand academic capability through a systematic method of learning.

SSH-SGH Project

  • To acquire scientific literacy.
  • To contribute to the local community and society and gain credentials to be active leaders in international society.

Career Education

  • Link their academic interests to their future.
  • Listen to professionals’ experiences and cultivate career views.
  • Think about ‘how to live’ or ‘how to be’ through experiences.

Various Activities

  • Acquire a well-rounded character with independence and social skills.
  • Understand the meaning of thinking and acting for oneself through activities.
  • Try to do one’s best both in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

3rd Grade: To acquire the necessary credentials to be leaders in society.

  • Establish scholastic proficiency required in the learning environment after graduation.
  • Expand their capacity to express themselves.
    ・ Full check of academic proficiency
    ・ Establish scholastic proficiency required for entrance exams
    ・ Nurture dissertation ability
  • Empower ability to transmit information into the world.
    ・ Practice regular presentation in English
    ・ Share the outcomes of research with the local community
  • Decide a career plan
  • Efforts to realize their career plan
    ・ Reconfirmation of future dreams
    ・ Fixing academic ability for the scholastic achievement test
    ・ Provision towards interview tests, skill tests or short essays
  • Active involvement to make better surroundings
  • Consciousness as a group leader
    ・ Attitude and behavior perceiving and respecting others
    ・ Understanding traditions of school events and participation in them
    ・ Continuing club activities

2nd Grade : to acquire important credentials relating to others in society

  • Establish scholastic proficiency from basic to advanced
  • Cultivate intellectual curiosity
    ・ Enrich basic academic skills and improve applied skills
    ・ Improve ability of sentence composition by writing research reports and/or essays
  • Nourish the ability to organize and execute
  • Foster attitudes for motivated learning
    ・ debate exercises
    ・ research work
    ・ exchanges with overseas schools and research organizations
    ・ overseas presentations in English
  • Study the methods to realize one’s career plan including the entrance system
  • Study faculties and specializations at universities
    ・ Comprehension of the entrance system
    ・ Comprehension about relationships between careers and studies
    ・ Appropriate analysis of academic achievements
  • Consciousness as a group leader
  • Contribution to the group
    ・ Proactive management of student body activities
    ・ Exert leadership in groups
    ・ Cooperative attitudes to appreciate each other

1st Grade: to acquire basic competency to live as members of society

  • Acquire learning methods and habitual study skills
  • Organizing study plans in good balance with extracurricular activities
    ・ Utilization of seminars such as study method experience seminars
    ・ Establishment of basic academic skills
    ・ Effective utilization of the GRITizm notebook
    ・ Understanding the subject syllabus
  • Conception and development of “being legitimate”
  • Nourishment of communication ability in English
    ・ Study the base of logical thinking
    ・ Kansai Advanced Science Study trip
    ・ Basic studies of English communication
    ・ Basic study of global social problems
  • Cultivating views of careers and work
  • Deciding on the humanities course or the science course based on self-awareness and career understanding
    ・ Confirmation of future dreams
    ・ Studying interesting issues
    ・ Comprehension of “working” through professional lectures
    ・ Comprehension of active learning
  • Establishment of basic lifestyle and enhancement of general social morality
  • Awareness as a group member
    ・ Active enrollment in extracurricular activities
    ・ Active participation in school activities
    ・ Enforcement of proper greetings
    ・ Growing awareness of consideration for others
    ・ Developing a sense of belonging