The day of the entrance ceremony turned out to be a chilly spring day.  The 320 new students were excited to be taking part in a ceremony that would signal the beginning of their new academic career as the 74th intake of Izumo Senior High School.  A representative from the newest generation of our school community made a pledge to the principal.    Principal Matama encouraged the freshmen, saying, “I hope you have an exciting school career.  Learn to stand on your own two feet through your contact with others.”  Unfortunately, the current students were not allowed at the ceremony, so printed handouts of a warm welcome message from the student council president were given to the new students.  It said “Challenge everything and create your own opportunities.  Act now.  Have a wonderful time at Izumo Senior High School.”
After the ceremony, the students were introduced to their class homeroom teachers.  The occasion surely filled their hearts with bright hopes for the coming year.

2020 Entrance Ceremony